Bird Folder


Name new folders after random birds in macOS

untitled folder

Bird Folder

  • untitled folder
  • untitled folder 2
  • untitled folder 3
  • untitled folder 4
  • untitled folder 5
  • untitled folder 6
  • Apostlebird
  • Lava heron
  • Pacific gull
  • Oaxaca sparrow
  • Rainbow pitta
  • Cyprus scops owl


v How to use

  1. Copy Bird Folder to your Applications folder
  2. Control-click the top of a Finder window and select “Customize Toolbar...”
  3. Drag Bird Folder from Applications to the toolbar

Π Alternate icons

Adding an icon to your Finder toolbar is a big commitment!
Check out this .zip of alternate icons.

Handy icon-setting guide Α

Control-click Bird Folder, “Show Package Contents”→ Contents→ Resources and then paste your preferred icon. Be sure to rename it to “applet.icns”. Ta-da!

Not updating right away? Control-click the Bird Folder, “Get Info” then drag the new icon over existing icon in the info window.

This is such a sweet and charming idea.
Anil Dash
too much software isn’t soft enough... now this is what im talking about
Jackson Dame
does every piece of software have to serve a practical purpose to be worth using?
this looks like a stupid concept.
i love it. downloading it now.

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